Metals and materials are crucial to support the global economy. Typically this sector is in high demand during periods of expansion, which drives up prices, and increases the profits mining companies can earn. However, the opposite happens during an economic recession or in times of a pandemic, which saw metals (and the demand for raw material) go down with it.

Now is a great time to start looking at the mining sector as an investment.

Some investors like to invest in materials as a hedge against inflation, which by all accounts is now in an uptick. So with these dynamic factors at play, let's look into some of the best places to arm yourself with the best information to capitalize on the growth that will be coming to the mining sector.

News in the mining industry can move fast and you need to keep up to date.

Here is a round-up of the top sources of information that can help you make the best investing decisions.

The Best Mining Resources for Investors

Opens: The Best Mining Resources for Investors- Stockhead


Stockhead is an Australian site that focuses on small cap stocks on the ASX (Australian Securities Exchange), ranging from Mining to Health & Biotech. 

They publish daily news articles that focus on major new discoveries, market fundamentals, financing and supply deals to first production.

They also have a daily newsletter, a Facebook group and tweet out new articles on Twitter.

The main takeaway is that Stockhead is more of a firehose-news site. You don't get as detailed in-depth coverage or clear opinions as you might get with some of the other options on this list, so you have to filter and decipher which investments are going to be the best for you.

How much does Stockhead cost?

The information published on the Stockhead website, and in the Stockhead newsletter is free.

Opens: The Best Mining Resources for Investors - junior mining network

Junior Mining Network

Junior Mining Network is a site that focuses exclusively on miners. They delve into the technical aspects of each project and their articles are in-depth and detailed. Investors looking for the specifics and hard numbers will find this a great place to start locating new investment opportunities.

Junior Mining Brief is best for experienced investors who already have an understanding of how to interpret drill results and feel confident doing their own due diligence. It's not best for investors who want that information curated for them and who would be better served by a service that distilled and summarized the critical pieces of information for them.

So if you time to invest in making the best decisions, Junior Mining Brief is excellent.

How much does Junior Mining Network cost?

The information on Junior Mining Brief is free.

Opens: The Best Mining Resources for Investors - Kitco mining


Kitco is an invaluable source for investors. Focusing on metals, particularly gold, they also buy and sell coins and bullion.

Their extensive mining coverage comes from their own internal pool of correspondents, and news aggregated from Reuters. This means that they are quick to cover new stories and developments in the industry as they have the staff to provide thorough coverage.

Similarly to Stockhead, the reporting tends to cover the broad news of the mining industry. So they have short articles that wouldn’t allow an investor to fully delve into the details of a specific project.

The other main benefit is their position in the industry. They have the most comments of all of the sites in this article. As an investor, you do have to take comments with a grain of salt. It's always important (and nowhere as much as the field of investing) to know the source of information. But comments can sometimes highlight factors that may have been overlooked.

How much does Kitco cost?

The articles provided on Kitco are free. 

Opens: The Best Mining Resources for Investors - independent speculator Louis James

Independent Speculator

Independent Speculator is an investment service created and run by Louis James, a protegee of Doug Casey of Casey Research. Louis James has little patience for "quid pro quo" and his brand is built on "straight talk."

Louis James has a free newsletter, "Speculator's Digest," which offers some information but also channels subscribers into one of their two main 2 paid subscription models.

The first is called "My Take" which is their "no frills, high-impact introductory level newsletter that provides action-enabling guidance on investments that interest our readers." My Take includes a monthly newsletter with specific buy and sell recommendations. 

The second option is called “The Independent Speculator” and is their flagship paid mining stock recommendations newsletter. Investors get email alerts, Louis James's private take on companies, his curated list of stocks to buy, and also a "Buy If You Dare" list which includes riskier stocks that offer the opportunity for even more rewards.

He also includes field trip invitations, which is unique, but certainly a boutique back-to-the-land kind of experience that many subscribers would not partake in.

Overall, his track record of 18.5% annually is quite good, but you would want to weigh that return in the context of the other options available.

How much does Independent Speculator cost?

The cost of "My Take" is $50/mo or $500/year, whilst the The Independent Speculator would set investors back $1000/quarterly or $3000/year.

Opens: The Best Mining Resources for Investors - ion news weekly mark turner

IKN News Weekly

Founded in May 2009, IKN Weekly is an investment newsletter aimed at investors interested in the mining sector run by Mark Turner, who has been providing analysis about the junior mining sector since 2008.

Newsletter subscribers get 2 reports per month that cover junior miners, Latin-American mining projects and occasionally different industrial sectors based on where the greatest opportunity lies. They highlight buying opportunities but may sometimes include hold or sell calls if it's a significant opportunity.

You also get a short-list of about 10 stocks that are currently good buys.  IKN Weekly also gives "take profit" and "stop-loss" recommendations to help investors get the most of their investments.

There is also a free daily IKN email which gives tips to investing in the sector but without specific buying and selling signals.

IKN does not publish a verified ROI percentage based on past performance.

How much does IKN News Weekly cost?

The IKN has the same pricing as Louis James's "My Take" which is $50/mo or $500/yr. 

Opens: The Best Mining Resources for Investors - real vision

Real Vision

Real Vision is an on-demand financial TV channel with a focus on financial literacy, inflation and cryptocurrencies.

The core of the message is that the financial information on mainstream media is incomplete, dumbed-down or just plain misleading - which is why investors should care about Real Vision.

Think of this as Netflix for investors. Real Vision carefully vets their guests to provide a filtered and curated A-list of financial professionals, like Kyle Bass, Stanley Druckenmiller, Mike Green, Kiril Sokoloff, Jim Rogers, Jeff Gundlach, Mark Yusko, Rick Rule, Jim Grant, to name a few.

New videos are added daily, and they cover the gamut including asset classes, financial topics, business, geopolitics, and economics.

How much does Real Vision cost?

Real Vision has a free daily briefing email, and their new crypto section is also currently free.

For the core of the Real Vision experience, there are 4 membership levels. Essential, Plus, Pro and Blacklist.

Essential is $239/yr. Plus costs $599/yr and Pro will set investors back $875 per quarter. The Blacklist provides member-only private get-togethers, accredited investor opportunities and a members-only online group. There is no published price.

Opens: The Best Mining Resources for Investors - mining stock daily

Mining Stock Daily

Mining Stock Daily is news-style audio briefing created and delivered by Trevor Hall and aimed at delivering the day’s most important information out of the junior mining and mineral exploration sector.

There is new audio almost daily, with some days having several interviews. The audio is available on or wherever you prefer to listen to your podcasts. Episodes typically run from 7-25 minutes in length depending on the interview and news to cover.

The benefit of this is you have the interview-style format so you can get more specific details about the various mining projects, but there is little curation, so as the investor, you need to invest a fair bit of time into listening to what is said (and occasionally what is omitted) from these interviews.

How much does Mining Stock Daily cost?

This is a free podcast and would be beneficial to anyone interested in investing in the mining sector.

Opens: The Best Mining Resources for Investors - Opens


Opens has developed into one of the premier sources for investing information, particularly in the mining sector in the past couple of years.

Opens is an investing service for busy people. You’ll receive a single stock recommendation each month, curated by industry experts and presented in a clear and focused one-page Memo

You’ll also receive access to a platform full of shows that will allow you to learn more about the companies in question and grow your financial knowledge, overall, and at your own pace.There’s weekly market summaries, company deep-dives, expert interviews, investing tutorials, courses led by sector experts, and much more. You also get 48h early-access to Company Interviews, plus a time-saving 2-min summary.

Opens believes that there is far too much quid pro quo in the industry, where powerful influencers push each other’s stocks at your expense. That’s not us. Opens has assembled a dream team of financial minds with one collective goal: to make it easy for busy people to invest with quiet confidence and grow their wealth. 

The business model is inclusive: Many people pay a little, for the best analysts in the sector, rather than one bank or fund paying a lot for exclusivity. This makes it possible for everyday investors to access the financial minds, that usually only the big banks and hedge funds can afford.

How much does Opens cost?

Pricing is $29.95/mo or $299/yr which is significantly lower than the other paid options in this list.


An informed investor is a profitable investor.

Particularly in the mining sector, having good information about what's really going on behind projects is key. When you want to win in the stock market, there is no substitute for curated information that can help you make better, more informed decisions.

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